Woman on the go

Just finished reading the inspirational new book by Gloria Steinem, My Life on the Road.  Apart from a cultural delve into the beginnings of the women’s movement and the intrenched prejudices women faced, it is a real insight into how productive one human being can be!  It left me with two opposing feelings – I have a slight intellectual girl-crush on Gloria, and slightly resentful that she makes me realise I have done so little in my life.

What I loved about this memoir was the structure, not necessarily by timeline, but by the experiences and people she met through her life ‘on the road.’ There is a whole chapter dedicated to conversations she has had with taxi drivers and airline cabin crew – her scope of empathy for the everyday people is what makes this book so good to read. She has met a lot of celebrities in her lifetime, but it is the ordinary women she met, and the ordinary men, who really inspired her.

Highly recommend it, if only for the relief that things have come a long way since the days when she went to Harvard and there was only one sign on the toilet door – Faculty.   There was no need for another with a ‘Woman’s sign on the door, because there was no expectation that there would ever be female faculty staff.


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