Sometimes magic happens

A weird thing happened this week.  Well, several weird things happened this week.

I sent out invites to my book launch.

I got to say the words “my book launch” and it not be me fake-talking ‘Oscar-acceptance speech-esque’ in the bath. (Everyone does this right?)

I got to type my name into Amazon and have it come up. And it be mine. Not the 3 other Alana Kirk’s who own gmail and apple ID’s.  Me. This Alana Kirk. And there it is in all it’s Amazonian splendour. My book.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 21.04.29

And just in case the publishers were only really having me on, I also popped into Dubray bookshop on Grafton Street to say hello since they are launching my book. And they had heard of me and my book, and confirmed in fact yes, my book will be launched there on the 16th February.

Then I did a real ‘debut author’ embarrassing thing. I asked, since the book is in the shops from the 11th February, if perhaps they might have a book out on the shelf that day so I can bring my children in to see it. And she laughed kindly at my debut author innocence and said yes, of course, there will be several on the shelves.   Oh, I thought, how weird. And Wonderful.

So many weird and wonderful things happened this week. And then the completely normal. I told my daughters we could go in and see my book on the Thursday it comes out, and my eldest said, with the interest of someone cutting their big toe nails. “Whatever.” Then she perked up and I thought, Yes!

And she said, “Isn’t there a Claire’s Accessories just beside it?  Cool. You go look at the book and we can go to Claire’s.”

Maybe I should stop work on my second book and start designing hairbands.

Then again, maybe not. I’m really liking the magic of weirdness.







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