Who knew writing was so chatty?

As a writer, I would always have categorised my job in the lower end of the companionship scale. I work from home, writing donor communications for charities, or writing freelance articles, or writing a book, and there are days I talk to the dog and no-one else (except myself).  Writing the book was a soul-searching, soul-destroying experience as I paced my kitchen like a caged cat, looking for inspiration and finding solace in the chocolate cupboard.   At times is was downright LONELY.

But now that the book is finished, and ‘in the public domain’ as it were, I’ve discovered that writing is a joyous, chatty, busy world of people!   My wonderful publishers are filling my diary with book signings, and launches, and events where I have to leave my table, put on lipstick, and converse with company. The PR company (the lovely Plunket PR) are filling my diary with radio interviews (can’t wait to speak on Ryan Tubridy’s radio show), magazine and newspaper interviews and I get to talk, talk, talk to people, people, people.

IMG_4713This makes me very happy as a) I love talking and b) I love lipstick c) I love talking about my book, so now I get to do all three. At least I have a nice array to choose from.

What fun!   My book has also been chosen by Dublin’s prestigious The Residence Members Club as their annual Member’s lunch on Mother’s Day so I will not only have to put on lipstick but a posh frock too as they have asked me to speak. (Darn, no wine at lunch).

It’s a whirlwind of wonderful experiences and I intend to lap them up….because I am hoping to get my head down again soon and embark on the solitary soul-searching session to write another book.  And carry on with the day job.  Still, nothing to stop me wearing lipstick to talk to the dog…..

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