No going back

It’s been a crazy week or so as preview copies of my book have been sent out.  It is no longer in my hands – my words belong to the outside world now.  This is were I wonder if the 2632 edits were enough?   My red pen is at rest, even of my heart is racing.

I have been more than a little overwhelmed by the interest it has generated.  Over the next few weeks there will a fair bit of press and PR about the book, as my diary fills with interviews and photoshoots.

It’s been a very unexpected pleasure to get so much interest from papers, TV and radio, both in Ireland and the UK before the book even hits the shelves.

I was pleased to just get the chance to write it!  I was delighted to even get a copy!  It seems the issues I address in the book – caring for parents, dealing with the pressures that entails, and the issues of grief – have resonated with those who have read it. Everyone has a parent, and I’m delighted that my own experiences are making others think about their own situation.

In fact, tIMG_4729here has been so much interest that it has been released early, and is now in the shops a week or so earlier than planned. (I was alerted to this fact by a flurry of texts from friends who are spotting it in bookshops -like a new treasure hunt game!). For various reasons I haven’t been able to get out to a shop yet, so I giggle over every new text and photo I am sent, safe in the knowledge I can’t flick through them and feel my red pen twitch.


So this is it.  There is no going back. Let the fun begin….


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