Six month anniversary

Daughter Mother Me by Alana KirkHow time flies! It’s six months since my debut book Daughter, Mother, Me: a memoir of love, loss and dirty dishes was published amid a flurry of bookshop tours, book signings, TV, radio and newspaper interviews and twitter frenzies (mine).

A year since I sweated in a the chill of summer to finish the first draft, my arse glued to a chair, lest I succumb to the demons of doubt and never got to write The End.

It had been an incredible experience, and in no part a solo endeavour.   I was so lucky to have such a great editor and publisher at Hachette Ireland and agent, Sallyanne Sweeney.

It is a subject very close to my heart, and made more poignant by the fact that my mum, who the book was written about, died on it’s publication date.

I never intended to write this book. I wrote a blog about my sandwich years, sandwiched between caring for my three young children and my mum, who had a stroke four days after my baby was born.   That blog became a memoir, and I have been overwhelmed with the responses I have had from people all over the world who said my telling helped their living of this experience.

The book documents how I was caught in a perfect storm of care, and in the midst of parent-care and child-care, I finally had to learn self-care.

The book became an Irish bestseller, and spawned a series of articles in a variety of newspapers and magazines and the response to them from people going through similar experiences has also been phenomenal.  I’m delighted to have been part of a very important conversation.

The Irish Times – The Sandwich years

The Daily Mail (UK) – How to Survive the Sandwich Generation 

The Belfast Telegraph – Caring for parents and children

The Irish Times – when parent -child role reverses 

The Daily Mail (UK) – Fighting to Die right



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