Published articles

I have written for many years for a variety of magazines and newspapers…. these are a few.

I am a regular contributor to the writing resource 

Middle-age spread hits self-esteem

Irish Times, 31st July 2018

Being Cared for by Carers

Irish Times, 29th May, 2018

Loosing my voice – MND

Irish Times, 28th May, 2018

Is Menopause finally mainstream?

Irish Times, 6th March 2018

Has coaching moved off the sports field?

Irish Times, 30th January 2018

HPV Vaccine

Irish Times, 27th November 2017

Are you ready for puberty?

Irish Times, 27th August 2017

Finding your inner goddess

Irish Times, 1st August, 2017

Are we driving our kids to drink?

Irish Times, 20th June 2017

Never too young to tackle mental health

Irish Times, 6th June 2017

Crisis?  What mid-life crisis. Why women are seeing it as a rebirth

Irish Times, 6th June 2017

Are we over-activating our kids?

Irish Times, 30th May 2017

The nitty gritty of middle age sex

Irish Times, 29th May 2017

Are we giving kids enough me time?

Irish Times, 25th April 2017

Keep up the sex life

Irish Times, 27th March, 2017


Irish Times, 31st January, 2017

What my daughters thought of the Women’s march

Irish Times, 22nd January, 2017

Why I’m Taking my Girls on the Women’s March

Irish Times, 19th January 2017

The Grief no-one talks about

Femail Magazine, Daily Mail UK, 25th January 2017

We Need to Talk about Dying

Belfast Telegraph, 11th January 2017

Middle age sex-crisis

The Irish Times, 10th January 2017

What happens when women gather to talk about sex?

The Irish Times, 3rd January 2017

Is it ok to be Lonely?

The Irish Times, 20th December 2016

The generation differences

The Daily Mail, 14th December 2016

Party planning: Big business or parental paradise?

The Irish Times, 4th December 2016

When choice is about power

The Irish Times, 28th November, 2016

Talking themselves celibate

Daily Mail, 20th October 2016

Keep Saying Yes to LGBT Young People

The Irish Times, 16th August 2016

We have to talk about death

Daily Mail UK, 20th July 2016

Too much sex?

The Irish Times, 28th June 2016

Are we redefining middle age?

The Irish Times, 5th June 2016

When a Parent-child role reverses

The Irish Times, 1st March 2016

The Sandwich Years

The Irish Times, 15th February 2016

Surviving the Sandwich Years

The Daily Mail, 15th February 2016

The Sandwich Years Generation

Belfast Telegraph, 24th February 2016

Walking puts Kids ahead of the rest

The Irish Times, 5th April 2013

In search of perfection

The Irish Times, 9th October 2012

No clarity, just cloud

The Irish Times, 9th October 2012